The Glass Scribe Website Affiliate Scheme

The Glass Scribe is a wholly owned family business of nearly 30 years. Based in Dingwall, in The Scottish Highlands, we manufacture and import glass and crystal products for the glass engraving and printing trades. We are an ethical company and only sell at Trade Prices to genuine traders, verifying all applications for Trade Accounts thoroughly. We also encourage 'Start Up' businesses and offer Engraving Equipment and Training as well as Drop Shipping.

Our Wholesale Prices are only viewable by genuine Traders who have been verified and hold accounts with us. You can Register here. Please note that it is a requirement to also supply a website address or forward proof of trading before you can be considered for an account. We accept utility bills, bank statements (sensitive information can be blocked out) or a letterhead with some other form of identification. If yours is a Start Up business, please Contact Us with further details. Genuine traders can take comfort from the fact that we will not sell direct to their customers.

We offer Account Customers the following:

  1. Free 'Starter' web-page, which features all products and the opportunity to show our Retail Prices.
  2. E-Commerce Website: A fully featured E-commerce site with secure checkout. Currently £29 per month + VAT

The E-commerce website offers the following features:

  1. Standalone Website.
  2. Product Browsing and Searching.
  3. Prices, with your own markups.
  4. Real Time Stock Levels (of stocks held in Dingwall).
  5. FAQ Page facility.
  6. As many other pages as you wish to write, with easy upload of images.
  7. Full Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) facilities for Website and by Page.
  8. FREE: "Page Writing" Masterclasses, or we can write Pages for you and conduct SEO too.
  9. E-commerce with secure payment by Credit Card or PayPal to your own PayPal account.
  10. Upload your own Products individually or via a Comma-separated Values (CSV) file.
  11. Upload your own Engraving Designs (or use our designs).
  12. Select from other suppliers' CSV files (as available).
  13. Customisation of your website colours to suit your style.
  14. Upload your own Header and Footer images, and change them whenever you desire
  15. A customisable menu bar.
  16. A 'Recently Viewed' page for your customers.
  17. Choice to transfer all orders for fulfilment by The Glass Scribe (all orders are notified via email to you).
  18. Your E-Commerce Website will be listed in The Glass Engraver directory.
  19. FREE: SEO on The Glass Engraver website, driving traffic to your site.
  20. FREE: Google Adwords on The Glass Engraver website, driving traffic to your site.
  21. FREE: hosting of your own content.
  22. FREE: A quantity of hard copy Catalogues, based on turnover.
  23. FREE: Download of Wholesale prices from the Glass Scribe website as often as you desire.
  24. FREE: Download of Your prices from the Glass Scribe website as often as you desire.
  25. Support from an experienced team of nearly 30 years in the business.
  26. Sell Plain, Engraved and Printed Glass and Crystal 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

To see examples of E-Commerce Websites, go to Specialities Page of The Glass Engraver. a website with a good selection of pages is

To take advantage of have an E-Commerce website, please first Register here. You will need to wait for a Second email, verifying your new account, before logging in and visiting Your Account: Sign up for a free website and shopping cart.

We will welcome your questions. Simply Contact Us.